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Stabilizator 3-osni za smartphone ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 crni

969,90 kn
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O proizvodu

Born for Mobile Filmmakers

  • Zhiyun Smooth 4 turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera, helping you create stable and smooth footage with just your phone. The design of integrated control panel can reduce the need to touch the screen, and help users control both the stabilizer and mobile camera directly with hot-key buttons. Get one now to create your own Hollywood movies with just phones!

Focus Pull & Zoom Capability

  • The more professional and delicated handwheel is built in Smooth 4, bringing you the unprecedented experience of smooth operation. You can zoom in or out as you want to take close-up shots.By pressing the FN switch button, the handwheel is configured into a focus puller, helping you achieve high-precision focus changes in real time to create creative shots.

PhoneGo Mode for Instant Scene Transition

  • Like a high-end sports car, Smooth 4 can enter PhoneGo mode and release the potential of motors in a flash. It can respond to every delicate movement without delay without the need to worry about losing any shots.What’s better is that amazing scene transition can be achieved in your footage without post-processing.

Time Lapse Expert

  • Smooth 4 supports all kinds of advanced shooting techniques. It can realize features such as Timelapse, moving time lapse and Motionlapse, recording lives and displaying the art of time flow.

Timelapse Motionlapse Hyperlapse Slow-motion

  • Smooth 4 makes deep optimization on Timelapse and supports all kinds of advanced shooting techniques. It can capture more details from a broader perspective easily overlooked in daily lives.

Wide-range lapse Triaxial Tracking Focus

  • With so many time lapse with freer settings on shooting ranges (wide to tight), angles and focus, you can customize unique-style time lapse footage, capturing all movements and objects including huge crowds, dancing flowers, moving silhouette or white cloud in the air. Creating a different time flow in your phone or capturing lives in a retrospective light, it’s all up to your imagination.

Object Tracking

  • Smooth 4 can produce smooth footage and also track objects including but not limited to human faces with much higher precision. You can frame the object you want to track on the screen, and the stabilizer can do the rest. Shooting has never been so easy, but now we have Smooth 4!

Two-way Charging with Longer Runtime

  • Smooth 4 can run for 12 hours in a row. The battery indicator tells you how much power is left. The stabilizer can charge your phone directly during shooting. You can shoot video all day long with no need to worry about the battery. It adopts the mainstream Type-C charging port so that users can use both ends of the cable for charging. The stabilizer can be charged by portable power source and the phone can be charged by the stabilizer via USB port on tilt axis. The two-way charging can happen at the same time, guaranteeing the longest operation time possible.

Always powerful and compatible to all phones

  • The motor power of Smooth 4 has increased by a large extent, making it compatible to phones of all sizes. In the meantime, it can be used together with many accessories such as LED light and camera lens. Smooth 4 is versatile in different environments, releasing the potential of phone camera anywhere, anytime.

Less is More

  • Smooth 4 is designed with a slider on its control panel and a trigger button on its back, to easily recognize and switch between different gimbal modes.


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